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Acid Resistant Bricks

Acid resistant bricks is a specially made form of masonry brick that is chemically stable and thermally durable. the common application of AR bricks includes power stations, storage vessels and similar places, where high chemical resistance is required. We are well known in the industry for manufacturing customized shapes and sizes.

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Acid Resistant Tiles

Ceramic unglazed AR vitreous acid resisting tiles are suitable for protecting the surface against corrosive action of acids and chemicals as well as to resist abrasion. these tiles are intensively used as the floor covering for chemical and industries, lining of tanks etc, where the necessity of resistance to acid and resistance to wear becomes essential.

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Stoneware pipes

SW pipes is another product of Manglam brand that is now being demanded by millions when it comes to drainage works. it is completely immune from the corrosive action of acid and other chemicals present in sewage and promises a lifelong relief from leakages in the sewer lines and reduces the expenditure of changing these lines in every ten or fifteen years.

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Hollow red bricks

It is an innovative product specially developed for the changing climatic conditions assisting in keeping indoors comfortable and pleasant always. Thus, the product innovation takes into account essential, positive deliverables for walling material.

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Everything About SRINIL Enterprises

SRINIL Enterprises is leading manufacturer of heavy clay ceramic products in India since 1988. The company owns and operates two plants in Mandideep (industrial belt near Bhopal), employs 70+ people and has an annual production capacity of nearly 5 million standard brick equivalent (she) or 12000 tonnes.

We started out as manufacturers of stoneware pipes in 1988 - the era of flourishing construction industry and since then we have not looked back. The company has diversified into manufacturing fire bricks, acid resistant bricks and more recently hollow red bricks - all under the umbrella of brand MANGALAM.