May 25, 2017

Stoneware Pipes

Salt Glazed Stoneware Pipes and Fittings
(IS 651 : 1992)

Is another product of Manglam brand that is now being demanded by millions when it comes to drainage works. it is completely immune from the corrosive action of acid and other chemicals present in sewage and promises a lifelong relief from leakages in the sewer lines and reduces the expenditure of changing these lines in every ten or fifteen years.

These pipes are manufactured in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm & 300 mm of internal dia while 600mm being the standard length of them. Half section strength channel (half round) Pipes that are used in open drains are also available.

Sw Pipes

Following is the standard performance criteria which SW pipes are tested for:

Hydraulic Test: No signs of leakage should be observed when an internal hydraulic pressure of .15 Mpa is applied for at leats 5 seconds (1 Mpa = 10.2 KG/CM2).

Test for water absorption: Should not exceed that 6% for up to 20mm & 7% for up to 25 mm thick pipes.

Test for Acid Resistance: The loss in mass should not be exceeded than 0.25%.

Test for Alkali Resistance: No signs of pitting, softening, or cracking should be observed.

Crushing Strenght Test: The crushing strength for the pipe should be more than 16kN/M length.

Salt Glazed Stoneware Pipes Reinforced Cement Concrete Pipes PVC Pipes
1. Life is almost unlimited, still functioning properly sewer line installed in 1815 10 to 15 years. Starts deteriorating in a few years resulting in erosion, corrosion rusting leakages & finally collapsed in 8 to 12 years PVC is a volatile and vulnerable compound That loses its half structural strength with aging. It loses if its strength within 11 & 1/2 years
2. Temperature Vitrified at 1200ºC. SW pipe is unaffected at very high temperature Combustible and have no heat resistance whatsoever. RCC use to crack if subject to even low temperature Expands over 3mm per meter at a temperature of 40ºC & starts changing its inner properties
3. Guarantee For generations No guarantee No guarantee
4. Attack of Alkali & acid of sewer chemicals No Action. Glazed surface & inner body makes SW pipes totally resistant from sulphate in sewer & sub soil surrounding strata Are subject to corrosion by H2S commonly presend in sewer Stablizers are added to PVC pipe material to retard the degradation process. As the stabilizers deplete the dehydrochlorination process is acceleration & the aging of the material becomes faster.
5. Environment Recyclable Hazardous Hazardous
6. Jointing Specifically built in collar design avoids contact of joining medium cement with sewer acids and chemicals Joints of RCC pipes are liable to leak since jointing cement gets exposed to the acids & chemicals very easily. But joints do open often because it misshapes with strata. Requires coating of the exterior to protect it from sulphate and ground water chemicals in the surrounding strata.
7. Abrasive action Nill Little action Little action