May 25, 2017

Acid Resistant Bricks

Acid resistant bricks is a specially made form of masonry brick that is chemically stable and thermally durable. the common application of AR bricks includes power stations, storage vessels and similar places, where high chemical resistance is required.

we are well known in the industry for manufacturing customized shapes and sizes.

Size Length Width Thickness
Size I 230 mm 114 mm 75 mm
Size II 230 mm 114 mm 37 mm
Tolerance 3.5 mm 2 mm 1 mm
AR Bricks

We have the experts and infrastructure to get dyes designed, dyes manufactured and modified our manufacturing infrastructure to cater to individual requirement.

Additionally, we manufacturing and stock 1 m long acid resistant beam ready to be dispatched along with two standard sizes.

Parameters Class I Class II
Use Recommended for server types corrosive environments such as sulphuric acid plants/acid storage tanks/pickling/tanks/sulphur pits etc Recommended for floors & working areas which are subject to occasional spillage of acids & in contact with dry chemicals as in fertilizer silos etc
Water Absorption % 2 4
Flexural Strength 100kg/cm2-min 70 kg/cm2-min
Compressive Strength 700 kg/cm2– min 500 kg/ cm2-min
Resistance to Acid Max Loss in weight of 1.5% Max loss in weight of 4%
Resistance to Wear Max of 2 mm

(As Per IS 4860 : 1968)
Acid resistant bricks are meant for preventing deterioration of the surface by acid except for hydrofluoric acid and perchloric acid.